American cockroach Periplaneta americana


Cockroaches origins extend back at least 300 million years. Fossil evidence suggests that there has been little change to their general body form in this time.


Cockroaches live among decaying leaf matter, under bark, in caves and burrows, on the foliage of shrubs and in the nests of social insects, boring into wood and even adopting a semi aquatic habit.


There are around 3500 species of cockroaches worldwide however only about ten species have exploited the dwellings of humans. Some species have become very successful scavengers that cohabit with people in most communities around the world.


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Australian Cockroach


Brown in colour with yellow border around pronotum and yellow
lines/markings on fore wings. 30 – 35mm in length


Outdoors cockroach generally. Prefers plant materials. Often found under
bark and in wood piles land locations that offer moist decaying vegetable
matter. Also can be found in subfloors, wall voids, garages and sheds. May fly
in warm weather

American Cockroach



Reddish Brown in colour with paler legs. Pale yellow border around pronotum.
35 – 40mm in length


Often found dwelling around subfloors, sewers, cellars, grease traps, wall
voids’ roof voids and rubbish dumps. Travels for food and may be a problem
in bakeries, hospitals, food stores and warehouses. May fly in warmer

German Cockroach


Light amber brown with 2 dark longitudinal stripes on pronotum. 12 – 15mm
in length


Commonly infests the interior of buildings and particularly found in and
around kitchens, pantries and store rooms. Generally food handling areas.
Behind stoves, sinks and refrigerators. Likes to be close to food, moisture and
warmth. Does not fly

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Smoky Brown Cockroach


Dark Brown to almost Black in colour with no pale markings. 30 – 35mm in


Often regarded as an ‘outdoor’ cockroach. Prefers plant materials and often
pests in nurseries. Also found in wood piles, garages, subfloors, wall and roof
voids, around drains and under garden mulch. Sometimes attracted to light at
night. Flies in warmer weather