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Take the hassle out of pest control...


Let Core Pest treat your property for general pests & rodents all year round in one easy visit...

We all know that prevention is better than cure but sometimes the budget doesn't quite stretch far enough to have it all done at once! Core Pest Solutions has the answer for you!


Summer is generally the time that spiders and crawling insects are most common in & around your home. While winter is generally the time that Rodents are most active as they seek the dry and warmth of your home. In saying that, all of these pests can invade your home at anytime depending on the conditions around it.


Core Pest Solutions can treat all of these pests individually however the best & most affordable option is to treat all of these pests at the same time and let Core Pest Solutions take care of it all for you. We offer 30 days to pay and will return for free if the pests return. That's the Core Pest Promise.

Contact us today to book a complete pest treatment either online or call us on 0449 722 819. Let us take care of General Insects and Rodents for you

Small home or unit
Average 3 - 4 bedroom home
Large home over 4 bedrooms

*Core Pest Promise will depend on the build of your property and the environment around you. The length of your guarantee will be specified on your quote

Environmentally friendly, safe & effective. Integrated Pest Management is the best approach

Punctual & understanding of your needs. We wont leave you hanging. Your time is valuable

Licensed, qualified & insured Pest Technicians. Ongoing accredited training

We are a growing local Tasmanian Pest Control business with a proven track record. All work is guaranteed


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