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How much should I pay for pest control?

There are a lot of factors and questions to take into consideration when engaging the services of a Pest Control company to 'spray' your house or business and checks that you should do to ensure you and your family are in safe hands. All of these factors directly affect the price you will pay and the level of satisfaction and safety that you will receive. Below are some of the points that we at Core Pest Solutions feel are very important

Is my pest control company licensed?

Do I have a guarantee (and what happens if I use it)?

Does my pest control company have insurance?

Is my pest control company a registered business?

Does my pest control company implement integrated pest management?

How big is my property & What pests do I have?

Am I being asked to pay cash?

What is the access to the pests like?

Is my pest control company using industry approved and researched chemicals?

Is it so cheap that it seems a little bit strange?

Does my pest control company exercise due safety?

How's the customer service?


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