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How long should your Pest Control Warranty be?

The answer to this question means a lot to anyone seeking Pest Control Services! It builds expectations both mentally and financially. There is a lot that factors into the answer to this question. Lets go through it step by step... and clear it up!

''I got a 12 month warranty. Now I'm getting spiders everywhere and they won't come back to fix it!''

''I was offered a 9 month warranty but I always see insects again after 7 months or so!''

Unrealistic expectations - Core Pest Solutions carefully reviewed products, services and warranties that were available within the industry. We found that 12 months warranties on General Pest Treatments ('annual' pest treatment) were available however it was difficult to get this in writing at times. What we also found was that after sales service was lacking and standard inclusions were very different across the Industry.

Why is a 12 Month Warranty not sustainable or realistic? - Licensed Pest Control Operators are legally obliged to use Pesticides that are developed, tested and approved for use in Australia. The manufacturers of these products generally recommend the warranty period that should be offered. Weather, foot traffic, environment and building type determine how quickly the treatment will deteriorate. While the treatment will technically last 12 months, the effects on pests will take longer and longer. If you have received a 12 month warranty and feel that it has worked 100% effectively you may be mistaken. Spiders in particular are creatures of the night therefore if you are an early sleeper you may not see what is out and about and may simply assume that your treatment is still working.

The question you really need to ask yourself is "How PEST FREE do I want my Home to be?" It's completely up to you!

Core Pest Solutions can offer you a TRUE 12 month Warranty. We offer single annual treatments or 2 treatments in a year! Click here to find out how and how much it costs! Everyone has different needs and we understand that!


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