silverfish thermobia near the binding of


Primitive insects that constitute Order Thysanura. There are 28 species in Australia. They are wingless with a flattened head and scale covered body. They are silver in appearance and are often said to have a fish like appearance due to the narrowing of the rear of the body. Antennae are long and slender and there are 3 long appendages from the rear of the body.​

Silverfish are fast running, agile nocturnal insects that generally shun light. They are usually found in dark undisturbed places but may range fairly widely throughout a dwelling. The inability to climb smooth surfaces can often leave them trapped in baths and basins.​

Found almost anywhere within buildings but generally roof cavities, wall voids, sub floors and many places. They feed on human food but seem to prefer starchy materials. When paper or photos are attacked it is generally the shiny outer layer. As well as book bindings, cotton, linen and wallpaper. Any sources of glue, starch or sizing are likely to be attractive.

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