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Termites in Tasmania?

Are termites found everywhere in Australia? Are they a problem in Tasmania?

No. They are rarely found in Tasmania.


However, termites are found in most areas throughout mainland Australia. The rate of Termites is higher in tropical and sub-tropical areas. Parts of Victoria, which previously had relatively few termites, have noticed a recent increase  in the incidence rate over the last few years. This may be attributable to ever changing climatic conditions which provide conditions that are more favourable to termites.

Are ‘white ants’ termites?

Yes. What people refer to as ‘white ants’ are in fact termites, and the term ‘white ants’ is simply descriptive of a Termites looks and appearance. Termites are a different species to ants and are more closely related to cockroaches than ants. If you look carefully at a termite you will notice a number of distinct variances from ants which are perhaps more closely related to bees.

If you require a property inspection in relation to Termites please contact us. It is highly unlikely at this point in time that there will be an issue in Tasmania in any home involving Termites. However we are happy to put your mind a ease.