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General Pest Treatment for Crawling Insects

Standard Inclusions:

Internal Treatment | External Treatment | Sub Floor | Roof Void | Gutters (where required) | Wheelie Bins | Clothes Line | Letter Box | Garage x 1 | 3 x 3m Shed | Warranty

Extras Priced Accordingly: Car $10 | Caravan/Camper $20 | Complete Fence Line $POA | Children's outdoor play equipment $15 | Cubby House $10 | Garden and Lawn $POA | Retaining Walls $POA | Extra Garage (single or double) $55 | Extra Shed (3x3) $15 

*if you request extras on the day of your treatment we will assume you are aware of the costs and bill you accordingly. All information is included in the email you receive once you book

Before we arrive:

For the most effective treatment we recommend cleaning your house thoroughly prior to a treatment. We also ask that you move as much furniture away from the walls as possible. We need access to the skirting boards, however please do not move anything that is heavy! Please trim any plants that may be growing against your house externally. It is also recommended that you mow your lawn

While we are there:


  • It is best to be off the property during the treatment, and for 2 hours once the treatment has been completed. However, we understand that this may not always be possible. If you re-enter your home while the floors are still wet please open some windows to allow ventilation. Please also keep everyone away from the wet areas

  • If you, or a member of your family who lives in your home, is pregnant please contact us immediately so that we can determine whether or not the treatment should go ahead based on medical advice (More information available in our FAQ's)



  • Birds covered and moved outside to a safe area

  • Fish covered (inside or out)

  • Dogs & Cats ideally removed during the treatment or be prepare to have them safely inside while we treat outside. Then move them outside while we treat inside (and allow 2 hours prior to re-entry)

  • Anything else - Please let us know prior to treatment so that we can advise the safest option

After we have gone:


If possible it is best to refrain from cleaning (vacuuming or mopping) for 7 days after the treatment. There is no need to wipe bench tops after a general pest treatment. The treatment is aimed at the floor/skirting boards of your property. Please do not remove existing spiders webs for at least 2 weeks.

Rodent Treatment (Mice & Rats)


Standard Inclusions:

Internal & External | Up to 4 locked Rat & Mouse Bait Stations securely & strategically placed  around your home or business following a full inspection by a qualified Pest Technician. Extra stations are available if required.

Bait stations are fully loaded with Anticoagulant Rodenticide Baits. Bait stations are weather and tamper proof according to manufacturers specifications

Other treatments are available for Rodents depending on the situation and your needs.

Ant Treatments


Many pest control companies will tell you that their general pest treatment will also treat ants. Unfortunately this is not entirely true. A General Pest Treatment will keep ants at bay for a very short period of time inside your home but will not truly cover the outside of your home at all. Ants will simply close off their nest entry points and reopen them somewhere else.

When you are having an issue with the ants we will determine if you require an internal or external ant treatment, or both which is recommended. Internally, we use a low toxic ant bait which will be placed in areas where you are seeing ants. The ants will carry the insecticide back to the nest which will kill the queen, wiping out the whole colony. Externally we will spray around the perimeter of the house. It is common to continue to see ants up to 3 weeks after treatment but if ants appeared scattered or dying our treatment is working.

We are unable to offer a warranty on ants externally due to the nature of their behavior but we will do our best to get rid of them! And our track record is great!

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