The 'concept' Core Pest Solutions was born in early 2016 when current owners and founders, Dimity & Brendon, were left extremely disappointed with service received within the industry as customers. They always held a passion for the Pest Industry and this cemented their next step. Entering the industry was always going to be a challenge given Brendon's well known fear of spiders!

The study that followed enabled Brendon & Dimity to obtain their license and necessary qualifications within the Pest Control Industry. This also assisted Brendon in overcoming his fear of spiders. Simply understanding them was all he needed.

From there we have developed a well known
local business who are experienced in all of your pest control needs. Both Residential and Commercial!

Brendon & Dimity's background includes customer solutions & resolution, leadership roles and roles within the building & construction  industry in Tasmania. These roles combined have given Core Pest Solutions the attributes it needs to be an outstanding operator.

Brendon and Dimity are both Tasmanians who are committed to providing you with the best quality pest control and customer service available.

Our Story

Core Quality & Values

We respect your time and understand just how valuable it is to you and your family. We will always do the job right the first time but if for any reason pests return we will return free of charge to rectify the situation.
We are a young active & enthusiastic business. We will work tirelessly to ensure that our customers are satisfied with all aspects of work that we provide. We are passionate about the work we do and our customers experience.
In our line of work safety is key for our business and our customers. All safety regulations and recommendations will always be applied to everything we do. If a situation is not safe we will always work with clients to ensure compliance is reached. If for any reason an agreed safe situation can not be reached we will not accept the role
Fun & work aren't often 2 words used in the same sentence. We firmly believe that a fun workplace is a more productive one. Fun helps promote our Brand to the right people and can also keep customers appropriately entertained
We adapt to changes in our environment and will constantly change our business model to ensure we deliver better, more effective & efficient products or services
We are bound to our Customers and Industry through all of our values. We are dedicated to providing you with the service you have been promised. This includes pest control, treatments and customer service

To provide our customers with the safest, most environmentally friendly & cost effective pest control solutions that are available while offering down to earth world class customer service