Protect your home from unwanted pests, and the elements, with Gutter Guard or Ember Guard, tailored to your situation!


The installation of Gutter or Ember Guard is just the first step in protecting your family from the harm and discomfort of Mites... But certainly not the last step!


Birds & Rodents can be very destructive when they enter your property and can cause major damage to your electrical and plumbing infrastructure. The aftermath however can be much worse if your roof space is not treated by a licensed Pest Control Business after the risk has been dealt with.


Birds and Rodents are loud, destructive, dangerous and annoying but the Mites they leave behind often seek refuge on human hosts to survive once their original host has gone. While this will not be successful long-term for the Mites it can cause weeks of discomfort for you and your family.

The leaf-litter that collects in your gutters also provides unwanted fuel build-up for a fire to ignite from flying embers – which can quickly spread to the eaves and roof cavity. This makes your gutters the most susceptible part of your home to ember attack!

Gutter Guard and Ember guard helps protect your property and family from all of this. Determining which one you require will depend on the situation you need it for and your surrounds. Core Pest Solutions can assist you in deciding which option is best for your property and install it professionally and safely using qualified builders

Contact Core Pest Solutions on 0449 722 819 or online to discuss a plan to assess your requirements and installation of Gutter Guard or Ember Guard for your home or business

Why choose a licensed pest control business to supply and install your new gutter or ember guard?