There are 23 known species of possum in Australia. Possums are divided into three major families:


  • Ringtail possums and Gliders

  • Brushtail possums and Cuscuses

  • Pygmy possums and Feathertail Glider


The fine details of the relationships between the possums is still unclear. The Australian possums were named because of their supposed similarity to South American Possums. Tasmania is home to five species of possum:

  • ​Brushtail

  • Ringtail

  • Sugar Glider

  • Eastern Pygmy Possum

  • Little Pygmy Possum

Core Pest Solutions can remove and relocate any possums that may be interfering with your lifestyle, within conservation guidelines as set out by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water & Environment Tasmania (DPIPWE). We offer electronic surveillance which can assist in reducing the cost of mandatory monitoring of Possum traps.


$60 Initial inspection

  • Inspection fee of $60 (will not be charged if you employ our services)


$299* Live Possum Removal

  • Due to the time it takes to instigate and carry out a plan to remove a live Possum our *minimum charge is $299. Naturally if the job becomes tricky the cost will rise. We will keep you informed along the way of costs. The way in which your property is constructed also impacts the cost.

$75* Daily Monitoring

  • Once a cage is in place it must be monitored every 24 hours to ensure the possum(s) is not trapped and unable to reach food and water. The cost of this will vary depending on your location. If you are able to do this yourself you are responsible for the wellbeing of the possum and must notify us as soon as you become aware a possum is in the cage.


Blocking Entry points

  • There will be a charge to block the entry point(s) if we are able to do so. This will ensure possums do not enter your property from this point again. If the entry point is structural, or impacts the look of your property, we are more than happy to arrange a contractor to do this for you as long as the entry point(s) can be identified. If you do not wish for us to block entry points please let us know.

$220* Deceased Possum Removal

  • In the unfortunate event that a possum has passed inside your roof void or walls we are able to remove the animal for you. If it is a simple extraction with easy access the *minimum charge is $220 however if we are required to cut into plaster or crawl into difficult spaces (roof voids and under floor) the cost will be greater

Contact us today on 0449 722 819 or online to discuss this in more detail.

**Prices above are based on 1 possum. Extra charges apply for multiple possum removal