Frequently asked questions

Do I need to leave my house during a general pest treatment?

We recommend strongly that you not be in the property while it is being treated. It is best to be out of the property for at least 2 hours once the treatment is completed. Ideally chemicals should be dry prior to re entry. The weather will dictate exactly how long this takes. If you have no other option but to go inside directly after a treatment please open all windows to allow maximum ventilation, however this is not recommended. Treatment of a standard house takes approximately 1 hour.

Are the chemicals used safe for my family, pets & plants?

The chemicals we use are the safest available today. We do however recommend that minimum exposure is achieved by you, your family and your pets. Pets should be removed from the area being treated (inside while treating outside/outside while treating inside) and fish bowls and ponds must be covered. Once chemicals are dry and the house has been aired they are completely safe. The specific chemical used inside and outside your property is Bifenthrin. Insecticides containing bifenthrin, imidacloprid and malathion are commonly used to control insects without harming plants.

Should I clean the house before or after a treatment?

For the most effective treatment we recommend cleaning your house thoroughly prior to a treatment. If possible its best to refrain from cleaning for a day or 2 after the treatment. There is no need to wipe bench tops after a general pest treatment. The treatment is aimed at the floor of your property.

Should I wipe away spiders webs before my treatment?

No. Please leave all webs in place. This will ensure that our treatment is targeted. Allow 7 days after your treatment to get rid of the spiders webs.

Do I need to move my furniture?

This will depend on what you are having treated. For a general pest treatment it would be most effective if you are able to pull some furniture away from the walls inside your house. However, this is not completely necessary and we certainly do not recommend moving any large or heavy pieces of furniture. For other treatments (bed bugs, fleas etc) please contact us to discuss requirements further.

Do I need to cover my pillows / bedding?

No. Our general pest treatment is not aimed above your floors on the inside of your house.

Pest Control for Expectant mothers. I'm pregnant! What are the rules?

When Should You Be Concerned with Pesticide Exposure? In general, normal pesticide use is considered safe during pregnancy. But in the name of caution, there are times when individuals may wish to limit their pesticide exposure.The first trimester is the most crucial time when it comes to pesticide exposure. During these months, your baby’s nervous system is undergoing rapid development. Studies indicate that the third through eighth week of pregnancy is the most important period, as these weeks are when the neural tubes in the brain are developing. The American Pregnancy Association recommends avoiding pesticide exposure during this time. Please see the information in the following link It is important that you research this and make decisions based on this and inform us of your stage of pregnancy when booking.

Can I have my carpets professionally cleaned before or after a treatment?

Your carpet must be dry in order for our treatment to be effective therefore we would recommend having your carpets cleaned at least 8 hours prior to treatment. It is best to not have your carpets professionally cleaned after the treatment.

What if its raining heavily or windy the day my treatment is booked in?

If we experience heavy rain or wind the day of your treatment we will contact you to reschedule. Treatments will not be as effective if raining heavily. Wind can cause hazards such as pesticides blowing away from the property which can be dangerous for surrounding properties.

What can you offer me if I don't want chemicals used in my house or business?

Core Pest Solutions can offer an Integrated Pest Management Plan. This is generally a series of recommendations based on an inspection of your property. Unfortunately this may not be as effective as a chemical treatment however we can assist to reduce pests.

How do I pay my invoice?

Core Pest Solutions will invoice you after the treatment is completed. This will generally be via email. Payments can be made by credit card or PayPal by clicking the 'pay now' button on your invoice. Direct bank transfer can also be made to: Core Pest Solutions BSB: 067105 ACC: 10497332 Please place your invoice number in the reference field. We also accept cash payments however please ensure you have correct change.

What areas of Tasmania do Core Pest Solutions Service?


What areas of my home or business do you treat?

We treat the following in a standard general pest treatment: Sub Floor Roof Space Inside your home or business Outside your home or business Letter Box 1 x Garden Shed (3m x 3m) Garage 2 x Wheelie Bins

Do your staff undergo criminal history checks?

Yes, all staff hold a working with vulnerable people license. In order to obtain this license a criminal history check is carried out

How quickly does the treatment work?

The effects are instant. As soon as pests make contact with the chemicals they will start to reduce. Most insects don't come out until night time so effects will be more noticeable after a few nights.

Will I be finding dead pests around the house after a treatment?

In short, yes. However most pests will retreat to their place of shelter to die. This will depend on how many pests you have and how often your property is treated.

If I see pests the next day does it mean it didn't work?

This does not mean the treatment didn't work. Some pests take longer than others to be affected by pesticide. Pests will continue to be seen however they should be quite drowsy after being in contact with areas that were treated.

Which insects does a general pest treatment target?

Reduction of Ants Cockroaches Spiders Millipedes Scorpions (crawling insects)

Will the spray effect my carpet or furniture?

We use water based pesticides therefore furniture and carpet will not be effected

How long does it last?

This depends on the build type of your home and the external environment. Generally a treatment will last anywhere from 3 - 12 months but this will be specified in the CORE PEST PROMISE on your quotation.

Can the product get into ducted air conditioning?

Air conditioning in your roof space should be sealed therefore our product will not effect this in any way. Internally we only spray down low so there are no dangers of chemicals entering ovens, microwaves etc.

What if I have a gas pilot light?

General Pest control does not include the use of aerosol inside the home therefore they are completely safe.

I have other chemicals stored on the property. What should I do?

Please inform us if this is the case and we will discuss how these need to be stored.

Do your technicians carry Safety Data Sheets for all chemicals used?

Yes. Our technicians are all trained, qualified and licensed to use the required chemicals. This is an industry requirement that is regulated by The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water & Environment Tasmania.

I have severe asthma. How will this effect me?

Our recommendation for asthmatics is that you should never be in a property when spraying is taking place. In fact, this is our recommendation even if you do not have asthma. Once the chemicals have dried and the property has been well ventilated it is highly unlikely that you will be effected by the chemicals. If you are concerned please talk to us about Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This is an approach to pest control that focuses on eliminating the root causes of pest problems and using the safest, most effective methods available to get rid of active infestations. IPM prevents pests by using a combination of physical and chemical methods. Because IPM focuses on prevention, it is more effective than a reactive, spray-based approach to pest control, and it REDUCES the need to use pesticides.

What Chemicals do you use?

Please see further information at