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It is an unfortunate fact that most homes will suffer from a domestic insect problem at some stage. The most common infestations around the home are usually spiders, ants, wasps, flies, scorpions, cockroaches, Fleas, Bed Bugs and many more. These insects can sometimes simply become too much of a nuisance for families to deal with.


Core Pest Solutions have methods of eradicating these insects with little or no disruption to the home or your daily routine. An infestation of these insects requires expert treatment to completely eradicate the problem. We have the knowledge and experience in various techniques both physical and chemical to do just that.


All chemicals used in and around your home are of approved industry standard. Core Pest Solutions can put a stop to these unwelcome pests entering your residential properties ensuring protection for your family and pets.



The most common domestic pest control problem you are likely to suffer during winter will be rodents. In Australia there are 3 main types of Rodents that will seek refuge in your home. These are The House Mouse, The Roof Rat & The Norway Rat. You should never overlook a possible rodent issue. Both mice and rats can cause serious damage to properties if left untreated.


As well as physical damage to pipes, wires etc, there is also the financial element for any repairs. But, the most serious issue is that Rodents carry and distribute lethal bacteria across your home and garden. This is primarily through their urine, droppings, and tracks.

Rodents have the ability to multiply in large numbers very quickly therefore a domestic rodent problem requires fast and professional treatment. Core Pest Solutions are trained and licensed to manage Rodent infestations and will eradicate the issue for you as quickly and cleanly as possible. We will also identify key areas where Rodents may be entering your home and can provide a quotation to rectify this.

Core Pest Solutions offer treatment for Residential Customers to suit your needs in the following residential properties:


Single Level Homes | Multi Level Homes | Unit Blocks | Holiday Homes | Sheds | Storage Areas | Rural Properties Caravans | Boats | Cars... and more

Core Pest Solutions can offer once off, monthly/quarterly & annual treatments or we can tailor a plan to suit your needs. Contact us today on 0449 722 819 or online to receive a free no obligation quote